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Your dedicated Japan marketing team


Your dedicated Japan marketing team in tech space

Are you serious about:

  • Need a Japanese translator who deeply understands your products and business model, and/or has knowledge of product marketing, product management, or product design?

  • Need a Japanese marketing/PR/digital marketing specialist who commit to your team on a project basis?

  • Need advice on marketing strategy/marketing channels for Japan?

  • Need market research on digital products/marketing channels for the Japan market?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, we can help you reach your goals. Digital Havas offers the entire go-to-market strategy from a marketing perspective with a deep understanding of tech space for the Japan market.




Ayumi Suzuki

Founder and CEO

A digital marketer/localization expert possessing work experience in London, Hong Kong, New York, and Tokyo. Ayumi holds B.A. from Keio University and an MBA from Cornell Johnson School of Management.


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New York, NY 10044


(929) 217-4262



Market Research

One of our strengths is market research in tech/digital marketing space. In a new era of personalization, detailed market research for each segment of customers is inevitable to create an efficient strategy. We can also suggest a compelling strategy for your brands/products as requested.


In the era of digital transformation, we highly evaluate the power of ad-tech space in the Japan market as well as global markets. We have experience working with global ad-tech enterprises which offers divers products such as analytics tools, native ads, mobile gaming, and more.


Blockchain/Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest area in tech space. We can help localize your DApps and blockchain/crypto products considering the latest situation in the industry sector.


We have a team of over SEO experts from technical analysts and migration specialists to content marketers experienced in delivering valuable content and links across the world. We lead our clients to deploy a market-ready website, fully optimized to beat their local competitors.

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Human-First Transcreation

We customize the contents tailored the needs of the local markets. We can localize your products considering the technical knowledge as well as psychological factors. Our detailed attention will help you deliver the right message to the right customers.

PPC/SEM (GOogle ADwords, Yahoo)

We can offer the entire strategy for Pay-Per-Click Ads and SEM accounts (Google Adwords and Yahoo). The package contains keyword research, ad copies, campaign structuring, analysis, AB testing, negative keywords, and more. We can also offer an integrated strategy with SEO and other marketing channels.




Our team will help you transition effortlessly into the localization stage in digital marketing so you can focus on running your business.
— Ayumi Suzuki


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