Deploy a website that is fully optimized to beat your competitors to the top spot

Digital Havas is home to a team of Japanese SEO experts, ranging from migration specialists and content marketers through to technical analysts and optimization managers. We have vast experience of creating solid content that attracts customers while also appealing to the search engines. Through tapping into our solid experience in delivering SEO within the Japanese market, you can benefit from the following:

SEO for Japan

1. Japanese keyword optimization

We optimize your existing content before it is translated. Our native-language experts employ the latest techniques and software to construct pages and sites that are fully optimized in each respective language. We map the content that is available to the site structure to create market-ready translations that are ready for immediate deployment. We ensure that we use the right specialists for each respective task involved in the process. Translators translate, while search marketing experts perform optimization activities.


2. Professional human translation

Our translators are all experts in Internet marketing while also having extensive translation qualifications. This ensures that your translated website will give you a competitive edge and allow you to deliver highly focused, region-specific marketing messages in each target location.


3. Tiered translation

As we have a long, established background in search marketing and SEO, we recognize that the pages that form your website will serve different purposes, be they landing pages, credibility builders, lead converters, or PPC target pages, etc. Each of these pages will have a specific objective that may necessitate a different approach to translation. We will ensure that the correct and most cost-effective translation approach is applied to each individual page to ensure that the content that is presented is aligned both with your goals and the needs of the end user.


4. Built-in Japanese technical SEO

We have a dedicated technical SEO team that offers the skills, knowledge, and expertise required to ensure the translated content we deliver is specifically designed to achieve high website rankings while also speaking to your customers in a language they can understand. We don’t just focus on the main content; we also deliver translated HREFLANG code and craft the language selection mechanism to ensure that all language pages are indexed correctly and every single page on your site achieves the maximum authority and trust flow.


5. Translation memory built into the workflow

Translating a website for SEO purposes involves two distinct processes: Translating the main content and optimizing the translated content for SEO purposes. One fundamental risk is that future updates to the content that is presented on pages may overwrite SEO elements that were specifically designed to help your site achieve high rankings. Because we offer a fully integrated development process, we ensure that this never happens. You access all the cost and reliability benefits of translation memory while your SEO efforts are retained at all times.


6. Content marketing, PR and link building in the Japanese language

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to develop websites that achieve authority and trust across a range of different languages. To dominate search engine rankings in any market and language, you need to achieve a quality back-link profile. Please inquire about our ask market assessment service so that you gain powerful insights into the competitors that you need to beat in each respective target country.


Digital Havas does much more than translate your website. We provide SEO and search marketing services that will propel your website to the top ranking positions in each target language while also ensuring leads are converted to profit.

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